Thursday, 24 May 2012

It ain't half hot Mum

Hello peeps!  It must be at least 80 in the sun today :)  I have been inspired by some fellow blogger's lovely garden pictures so I thought I would get planting.  At the moment we (well hubby actually) are laying some foundations for 2 sheds, so therefore I cant plant anything in the soil until they are up and the garden is completed.  In the meantime I bought some sunny marigolds for the troughs and a couple of rustic bowls.  I also planted some gorgeous smelling lavender in a nicely rusted bucket, well it's getting there.

Mmmmmmmm  turn on smellavision now!!

Hard standing for the sheds

I also have a lovely shop (well 3 actually) very close to home where they sell East of India and similar type products (drool).  I bought a few bits with a "Jubilee" theme. Postcards and some very beautiful fragrant soap.

Finally this little gadget has been invaluable. I've had it ages.   Just plug into the computer and away it goes :)  It can be positioned anyhow as its all flexible and gives a much welcomed whizz of cold air ~ ahh !

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunny weather.



  1. Phew, you are not kidding it sure is hot hot hot right now.

    I think Lavender is the only flower that I am not allergic too, the smell always reminds me of when I was pregnant with my son 14 years ago and I used lavender oil to prevent stretch didn't work at all mind you but it smelt lovely lol ;o)

    Enjoy your bit of summer weather x

  2. They look very summery - if I put those in the garden the slugs would whittle them all down to totem poles overnight!! Love the little whizzy thing - what a great idea. I love East of India goodies - we have some bits in our garden centre, but that is about it. To be able to look round 3 shops - you must be in heaven.

  3. The Queen isnt the only one celebrating a
    Jubileeeeee...and I share this bday with my youngest puddleduck, I am sooo very blessed...I have to run...still lots of cake to eat from Monday! PSSSSS...dont
    forget your hats ladies...wards off♥Debi

  4. Mmmmm yes it is gorgeously hot isn't it, so nice! I love the cheery yellow of the marigolds. I bought some too but it took us so long to get the garden sorted that they have practically died now before they are even planted :( p.s thanks for your comments on my last post xxx


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