Friday, 18 May 2012

Simply gorgeous Craft rooms

Very soon myself and hubby will be making a start on our study/craft room/creative space/art studio/junk storage (you name it, it is it).  At the moment its uninspiring, boring....well in fact it's just plain horrid :(  No wonder that my normally creative brain just isnt working.  So I am always inspired with the images I see on Pinterest, and here are a few of my favourite spaces (swoon).

Yes please

Even a sewing beginner would want to sit here

Disorganised beauty

Colourful, bright and cheerful

shelves from old wooden box crates. love the brackets!

Old wooden crates supported with iron brackets, using wire baskets for storage

Is there anything Rebecca does that I don't like?? Nope.


Storage made from frames, fabric and a curtain rod.

Curtain rod, frames and material with pockets


Vintage cake stand as storage


A perfect place to write down your creative ideas

makeover for ikea storage drawers. For my imaginary craft room

Colour coordinated jars and mini drawers

Gorgeous art studio

A beautiful mess

Oh well I can dream!



  1. Wishes cant be granted if you dont Dream!
    This is a very lucky eclipse and all. Hmmmm may your dreams come true...♥Debi

  2. Like the one with the wooden crates - what fantastic spaces and so so much stuff. I have nowhere near half of what they have - so my space would look rather boring!!


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