Thursday, 28 June 2012

Phew ! Hot and sticky

The weather here can only be described as uncomfortable, luckily I have a mini fan whizzing it's heart out as i'm typing this, so for the moment i'm nice and cool :)
I am in the middle of 3 swaps, one is completed and on it's way to Jersey.  I also made a handmade envelope to go with it.
While I was in the middle of typing a super fast SPIDER came running out from under the keyboard.  As you can imagine I leapt out of my chair at super sonic speed.  The spider then decided to leap (yes leap) from the desk onto the floor.  I managed to grab a jar and scoop him/her up, finally chucking it out of the study window - phew!!  So now before I start to type I peek underneath the keyboard :(
I also made this little shabby boat, all chipped and distressed.

And another shabby framed sentiment picture :)

It looks like there may be a storm brewing so there's only one thing for it ~ watch Wimbledon :D

Have a lovely day hunnies  xx

© rosa lily refers to all art work and design


  1. Love your shabby boat, so cute!!

    We just had the storm, it lasted about an hour and was mental, lashing rain, hail, thunder lightning the whole works.....good old british summertime eh? now it's hot and sticky again...eww!!

  2. Happy to know that our heat wave didnt claim what is left of my sanity...nice tiny stars...clever girl! It is swap season forsure...I must start saying "not today, maybe next time" but they are so much fun ...........♥Debi

  3. Isn't it hot!! we have had a couple of storms in Yorkshire this morning,I just love thunder and lightening, it makes the heat worth while! have a happy day sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Weather is rather uncomfortable I must say - but typically British. And yes, I did check my keyboard today!! Loving your frames and the sayings inside. xx

  5. Just noticed your new header - very nice indeed.

  6. The wee boat is seriously adorable! Really, really pretty and ALMOST enough to distract me from thinking about spiders under keyboards. NOT COOL! (just like the weather, I am all hot and bothered even with the rain falling like no mans' business. Sticky and sweaty all the way!)


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