Thursday, 14 June 2012

Shed heads and fat heads!!

Well the sun is out today and don't it make you feel good?

My OH has just finished hanging two doors, a new one for the bedroom and one for the studio, up until an hour ago the studio had no door :(  Because we live in a Victorian cottage all the walls and door frames are wonky, so nothing fits, everything has to be sanded or sawn down, so as you can imagine the air was a deep shade of blue this afternoon.  The said doors had to be lifted up and down the (very narrow) staircase several times before I heard the whooping sounds of "it fits, it fits!!" coming from my nearest and dearest.
Unfortunately a positive always has to have a negative, halfway through banging the door frame one of my artworks decided to fly off the wall up in the hall and hurtle towards me (between the stairs) at a hundred miles an hour, smacking me on the top of the head, I was not amused :(

Then when trying to haul one of the doors up the stairs my OH smacked his head on a small shelf halfway up the hallway (snigger), I didn't laugh - honest.

On a lighter note we have a new baby shed (awwww!), to keep the bigger one at the end of the garden company, we want to turn the bigger one into a studio.  We also need another baby shed to put opposite this one.  We decided to paint it a baby blue colour.  We want all 3 sheds (eventually) to be different shades of blue or green, it's amazing how it cheers up the garden!

I also bought some beautiful linen/cotton material, it's only a fat quarter though.  Now I don't know what to do with it.

I can barely put my scissors on it at the moment!  It's just big enough for a small cushion, so that will be my next project!
Have a lovely rest of the day hunnies :)

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  1. Ha you did make me laugh. All worth it in the end. We have the same problem - need new doors but the small size is too small and the big too big - nothing in between except bespoke doors and I am loath to spend that much on a door. Enjoy your sewing with that lovely piece of material. Be interesting to see what you do with it.

  2. You have been busy! love your new baby shed such a gorgeous colour :) in love with your fabric too, what about using it as a picture for now to look at it a little longer before getting the scissors out?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Your shed is a delight, I have seen the orangey wood ones in B&Q and with a lick of pain they look fab!
    I love your FQ the fabric lines would lend itself well to strips, a log cabin style piece made into couple of fabric coasters or a pin cushion or makeup bag, something you will see often as it's too nice to put away. Look forward to seeing what you make. xx

  4. I know! I know! make a very stylish ice-pack cover :) You both will wear
    it out in no time....Home Renovations made with love........awe....
    You do make me smile and risk more wrinkles....♥Debi

  5. I love your new baby shed it is so cute!!
    I've been trying to talk the hubby into buying a huge wood cabin type shed for the top of the garden for the kids to use as a tv/playroom but so far he seems unconvinced, I aim to try harder with my convincing skills ;o)


  6. Cute shed! I bet three in different shades will look great. It will be like southwold sea front once you are done. That material is very sweet ilike the little red keys.
    But I am lost at what to make with small pieces. All mine end up piled up and then my daughter gets hold and they are gone


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