Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More shabby than chic :)

Another hot hot day :)
As you may know I am doing up our study, it was in a pig state and i'm nearly there.  We have recycled all of the shelves and painted everything white, I have one more wall to paint (it's too hot today!) and curtains to run up using the lining material of old curtains.  Everything is nearly back on the shelves with a bit of room to spare.

An arty corner

Should all be finished by the weekend.
Just a few more pics of the garden :)

Have a good weekend hunnies xxx


  1. Wow you have been working hard and in this heat too!!
    I love your blue sheds, I have a darker blue shed at the top of my garden but it needs re painting.

    Where did you get your baby sheds from hun? I could really do with a little shed for my doggies to chill in when we're all in the garden but I've had no luck finding one.


  2. Oh contrair....those lovely perfect blue sweeties are an impressive find indeed! love the siding...wood? wow..soon you will have your own show on the BBC!
    Good luck sleeping now that you have uncovered and organize lovely treasures soon to be made into "Creations"by Rosa Lily! Ill be watching...♥Debi

  3. Brilliant pictures - you have been so busy. Love your little comments on the photos - great touch.

  4. I love getting a nosy round folks' homes and gardens! your study is going to be lovely. I especially like your scissor row-I have umpteen pairs that I can never find when I need them so this is a great idea!
    your garden is lovely-the duck egg blue sheds are fab!

  5. Just loved seeing all the pix. Love scissor row!! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.


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