Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More tea towel makes x

I made another "tea towel" make, a tiny owl.  He just hangs around looking cute and he is a pin keeper to.

I am putting him forward as another item in the July monthly makes (via Felt Fairy).
Annie if you are reading this, lots of hugs for a speedy recovery hun xxx  Blog land is not the same without you.

© rosa lily refers to all art work and design


  1. I just thought... if you use cotton towels (I assume you do!) and rice anyway, you could make little microwaveable heat pads in the shape of owls. Obviously plastic or metal buttons won't cut it, then, but there will be a way around that. Might be cute for kids with little ouchies?

  2. He's a very sweet little owl-I could do with one just like that. Great pictures too. x

  3. good work. I think I have that very t-towel!
    fee x


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