Saturday, 21 July 2012

Never go into the shed alone

It's been a busy few days here at Christmas Cottage.  Our 2nd baby shed arrived and is up and painted powder blue to match the other one.  We were going to demolish our large shed at the end of the garden but have now decided to put a new roof on and try to waterproof the inside.  Of course it was time to go where no one had been for about 15 months and clear out this baby.  Now I don't go in sheds, I always imagine they are full of unmentionable things, usually that crawl, so you can imagine my horror when my hubby suggested we "go in" (like the S.A.S) and tidy it up.  So I put my brave face on, stood by the door and smiled sweetly.
This is actually a picture when the worst was either taken out, dumped or put in the corner for dumping.   I couldn't even go in with the camera it was so rank.
Just one of the "piles"
In fact there are holes all over the shed, so damp is everywhere.
I hate damp, the smell really makes me gag.  Luckily a lot of stuff was in large plastic boxes, so therefore waterproof, like our Christmas decs etc.  After all that the next day I decided to start on the study.  It's the only room that hasn't been touched since we moved here.  One wall needed stripping and this is what I found.

I thought i'd seen the last of damp and mould, but no.

After I had taken several layers of damp rotten paper off, I had to scrub the wall with a bleach solution to kill the spores.  I have today painted the wall white.  It's now clean and damp free.  The room has to be done in stages as it's full to bursting and we have no room to store our stuff while we decorate, so it's bit by bit.
After the horror of the shed and wall the garden was not looking at all bad.

And we found a couple of cool looking garden chimes.  I had bought these years ago and forget they were in the shed.  At least they survived  :)

Have a good weekend hunnies xxx


  1. oh im so like you when it comes to sheds i DO NOT go near them as i fear 8 legged black creepys lol
    Loving the garden chimes x

  2. Like an aladdins cave. Those chimes are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished room with all your bibs and bobs out - ooh, that sounds a bit rude doesn't it? Well, you know what I mean!!

  3. My neighbour at our old posting used to call on my hubby to go in her shed and attic when her hubby was away as she hated them so much!

  4. That shed looks like paradise compared to ours! Really . We have parts of the garden growing inside ours and snails, slugs and other unmentionables inhabiting it. I try to stay away from ours too, maybe that's the problem then. Mmm


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