Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sewing Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Yesterday I got my sewing machine out and wanted to experiment on some old fabric, but the stitches kept knotting up, I must have been there an hour trying to sort the problem out.  Eventually I went onto YouTube, it was either that or chuck the machine out of the window in frustration, and I found a very basic "how to" video.  I re-threaded the machine, I had the thread around the wrong hook, and tested the tension (in a way I had never thought of doing) and hey presto!  The lesson here is stop being a clever dick and seek help!!

Then I did a few hand sewn bits, experimenting with a very basic strawberry and owl shape
Oh yes, Christmas in July ; D
Old tea towel with a prim felt heart for a stocking.

© rosa lily refers to all art work and design


  1. How good is You Tube when you are in a mess. It has been my saviour many times. Love the Stocking. Don't you just love Christmas in July.

  2. Well done for sorting it out and good old youtube does come in handy at times. Nice makes. Thinking of christmas already - NOOOOOO.

  3. You Tube is brilliant and I'll be checking this link out soon to see if it'll help my sewing machine from hell! Thanks

  4. Well done for fixing it yourself, what did we ever do before youtube and the internet?

  5. Very good!! Well done for fixing it yourself. Tension is the most annoying thing about using a sewing machine. I hate it!



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