Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremony - seriously?

Like most of the world I loved the Olympics, I just love watching sport full stop.  The opening ceremony was unusual and so different and the actual lighting of the flame was quite special. of course Team GB were brilliant.  But what of the closing ceremony?  Mmmmmmmmm.  Some of the "acts", billed as the best of British music, really??  Madness were on singing "our House" (yet again) like they did for the Jubilee, not exactly a roaring crowd pleaser. When I saw the (way too short) tribute to Freddie Mercury and then Brian May doing what he does best, I thought we were going to be treated to the new Queen frontman "Adam Lambert" (American Idol runner up, fab voice), who could have bought the house down, but oh no we get (yet again) Jessie J (another Jubilee act), it was fast becoming the Jessie J show.  Poor old Ray Davies (Kinks) looked and sounded like he was half bladdered.  Annie Lennox looking frankly a bit daft in a boat being hauled around the stage (another Jubilee act), Oasis ex frontman painfully trying to sing - was it just me or did most of the acts fail to hit a good note??  At least they didn't give us Grace Jones with her hula hoop (Jubilee).  Did the Spice girls spice up your night?  Absolutely nothing wrong with any of these artists in their own right, but put them on a stage "live" and the majority were an epic fail.  Disappointing and sometimes embarrassing.  The best bit for me was the John Lennon "Imagine" slot.  How strange that it took two great deceased artists (Lennon and Mercury) to get the crowd going?  The worst bit (for me) were the mega ego's of the models strutting the catwalk. Pointless. Nuff said.

What did you honestly think?


  1. Haha, Pen, I don't really need to add any more do I? I agree - maybe it was Danny Boyles own idea of his big idols and a chance for him to give em a second outing!! More like an oldies pop revival outing really wasn't it. Hey ho, it's all done and dusted now.

  2. Doesnt "Spice" have a shelf life? I agree...Adam Lambert is not getting the kudo's he my humble opinion he is a natural performer and huge talent...but like everything else in this world..its not what you know, its who you...hmmmmmmmmmmnaughty duck...
    Hope your feeling alittle better....♥Debi

  3. Totally agree with you too! How many new bands out there that are known around the world, I should think a lot....
    Have a great Monday. Kxx

  4. Loved reading your post! So true!

  5. I was quite annoyed I bothered to stay up late to watch it to be honest (although once they extended it from 11.30 to midnight I gave up and went to bed anyway!) For me the best bit (and the bit they should've finished on) was Eric Idle and always look on the bright side of life which we'll need to do now that we'll no doibt find out about the doom and gloom double dip recession, more tax on everything news that has been going on behind the scenes of the 24 hour a day olympic coverage for the last fortnight!! Cynical, moi? ;0)

  6. Thank you Pen - very nice of you to do the link - to be honest not even sure whether anything comes of it as I am not going to be on there trying to promote, but I really appreciate it. xx


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