Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Bargin Blockbuster

In the market town where I live there are a liberal sprinkling of charity shops.  A couple of them are rubbish, but there are 3 that stand out and I picked up some great bargins this weekend.  Before that I found these gorgeous felt offcuts on Ebay (they are huge!!) for under a fiver :)

I have been looking for 100% linen, if you know your material you will also know that linen is mighty expensive, wherever you buy it.  So I thought I would take a look around one the charity shops and I came across not one but two 100% heavy linen skirts, so in the basket they went, then I found a sweet pair of toddlers jeans, almost brand new, with some adorable "embellishments", and of course the actual denim can be reused.  I measured the skirts, after cutting them in half I found the total material was equivalent to 7 fat quarters!!  So all this linen plus the jeans were a bargin at under a tenner!!

So feeling rather pleased with myself I then saw what had to be the bargin of the week.  A double, brand new, padded, reversible bed quilt.  £6.  There wasn't even a stitch out of place.

Maybe I should have run the iron over it after it came out of the wash!!
Have a great weekend xx


  1. Wow one lucky lady - you clever thing. Brilliant finds. That bedspread looks gorgeous.

  2. Those are fantastic finds!! And, if you would've ironed those bed linens, I would've felt mighty lazy....haha! Beds are supposed to be rumpled, in my opinion :D

  3. Clever gal! good job indeed. The way the economics of the world is going, we all had better start shopping smarter! I love the pocket! the quilt is a treasure, what a successful bounty to be sure.............♥Debi

  4. Ooh I love a good bargain, well done with your purchases!!!!

  5. some great finds Pen i love the quilt its very pretty & what a bargain. Yes linen is expensive & also a pain in the bum to iron i have a few pairs of trousers & skirts & ironing them sends me bonkers! xx


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