Thursday, 6 September 2012

A little swap and some inspiration perhaps?

Who is having a complete mental block?  Or is it just me?  Yesterday I was scouring the web for "sewing" inspiration and thankfully got a long list of  "to do's" typed up.  Half of them were Christmas ideas!  I will have to work on my robins a bit.
I also had a lovely swap gift from Debi over at  We decided to do a mini swap with each other and my lovely Canadian friend sent me this cute mermaid :

I cannot show my mermaid as it's still flying over the water! (I hope).
Also this vase that you fill with warm water and create the shape you want (cool)

I'm off to have a cup of tea and some yummy scones (courtesy of my hubby) x


  1. Enjoying your tea & scones in your backyard oasis I hope! I love your sheds...I could easily live in one lolol

    I am giddy with excitement on the arrival of my special swap art from you....♥Debi

  2. Looks like mermaids are flying all over the place....heehee! I love the ship Debi included in your painting...such a nice touch!


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