Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Demented Robins & Pink Elephants

Yes I know my robin looks quite demented, I would rather say "cute".  Just 3 little things I made.  It's raining cats and scottie dogs here today (boo).



  1. Ha ha! Sorry but the robin is a bit crazy, the elephant is very cute and the dog too. I must get the glue and sequins out for my boys to make xmas decs to send back home. Felt is fab! x

  2. Very very sweet. Just love felted things. Fun projects!

  3. Those are really cute :) I always love staying in on a rainy day to craft and paint...I will gladly take some of yours here!

  4. Good excuse when it rains - the elephant is really sweet. Ideal for little baby girls room. Your robin is rather demented - I agree there (haha). Dog is brilliant for any doggy lover.


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