Monday, 10 September 2012

Heavenly and Homemade

My hubby has just made some bread
Ta Dah
Do you make your own?


  1. Yess! I do...well sort of ..does a bread machine count? Now you have your very own inhouse baker..lucky gal...SPEAKING or homemade & heavenly...please visit the other page on my blog puddleduck studio...with a huge THANKYOU for my treasure from YOU>>>> ♥Debi

    1. So glad your "girl" arrived in one piece! Enjoy her xxxx

  2. Yes I make my own - well I go through phases but I do use my bread machine to do the kneading bit for me - unless I am making beer and cheese bread then I do that completely by hand :)

  3. Yep I make own, not all the time but I go through phases to! Never had the OH make bread though.....he is a tad shocking at baking, great cook though :)

  4. We do. It's so much nicer than shop bread but we do use shop bread too or I would spend all day baking bread everyday. :o)

  5. that looks lovely - and just like you'd get at any professional bakers! My husband has made olive bread and sun dried tomato bread a few times but it never rose (still tasted lovely) and we discovered it was because the bread tins were too big for the measurements of ingredients!!


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