Sunday, 2 September 2012

Someone stole my brain

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I on the other hand have had my brain stolen, yes 'tis true, it happened this afternoon while I was trying to find some of my Etsy items (to see how easy they were to locate as a buyer).  I searched for Felt orange Egg Cosy, search results 34, but where was mine???  So I tried with another item, again mine was nowhere to be seen. Mmmmmm do you think "old timers" is setting in?  So I popped over to the forums and asked the question.  "The words felt, orange, egg and cosy do not appear on your tags" they said.  Hang on a minute - I know I put them in.  So I edited my items again and tried a search - NOPE, nothing there.  Now I am getting frustrated.
I did this twice more, went to the tags section, put in the relevant words (orange,egg and cosy etc) and then it dawned on me ............................................ (this is embarrassing) there is a very prominent BLUE button that says "add", needless to say I had missed this completely and just carried on typing down the page and then saving, of course if you don't ADD it makes no difference if you save.  This in turn is why my views had flat lined, nobody could find anything, what a complete pratt !!
So now I am hopeful of more views in both shops and I hope to regain my brain in the near future.

If you find it please email me (I can collect) x


  1. Been there, done that! You are not alone! lol Sue x

  2. Etsy takes a long time to figure out, I just set up my second shop and had forgotten how to do a lot of things already, it also doesn't help that just when you think you've got the hang of it, they go and change stuff......eeeeek!!

  3. Hahahah....... I am glad I am not the only one who did that. At least four times I had to go back and redo stuff. Added tags and then forgot to actually add them. But, it is still quite difficult to find your own items once they have disappeared from the front page which happens amazingly fast. I think I am on a loser on this site personally.

  4. I lose my brain quite often.....haha!
    At least you know that particular problem with Etsy won't plague you again :)


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