Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Spider called Fred

Don't be alarmed this is not a post about big, hairy horrible spiders.  Don't get me wrong when I was much (much) younger if I saw a spider across the room I would have a screaming fit until some kind soul smacked it senseless.  These days I am very much a more calmer person, this is where 'Freds' come in.  What is a Fred?  A Fred is the daft name I give to those funny looking spiders with the long, dangly legs and tiny bodies.  Some people call them Daddy Long legs.

I have come to quite like them, Freds tend to live in corners, they don't make webs, they just "dangle".  My house has Freds, I never kill them, I try and hoover them up, or persuade them into a glass and put them outside.  They tend to go to the same places.  If you hoover one up on Monday, another appears on Thursday.  I have no idea where they come from or where they go.  They mean you no harm, they are very fragile and don't stand a chance against someone's boot.  Maybe i'm getting soft but I always feel so sorry for them if I see someone killing one.  I apologise if you have a real fear, I overcame my fear by giving them a daft name.

Old folklore says that killing a spider is bad luck, finding a spider on your clothing means money is coming.
My Aunt Daisy (who had all her marbles) always said that they were 'angels'.
You just never know do you?


  1. I have several of your 'Freds' around my place, one is sitting at the side of me now down by the rubbish bin. We call them spindly spiders here! x

  2. Unfortunately my hubby kills these ones cause they eat other spiders (how he knows that I have no idea). He never kills other sorts. I just take them all outside to go walkabout.

  3. I've had a few "Freds" around the place recently; like you I would never kill one but I like to escort them off the premises using my handy spider-catcher gadget! :)

  4. I get loads of Freds and Fredas in my house, particularly in my bathroom. I don't mind them really though I prefer not to share my shower with one hanging in the corner! I also get huge black spiders which I find harder to live with. I evict them if I can, I won't kill them.

  5. lovely..this post remindes me Daddy Long legs book ♥ love it

  6. That isn't a daddy long leg, it's a brown recluse so good luck with that.


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