Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Does size matter?

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About a week ago I went shopping for some clothes for my holiday.  I went into several well known stores and one in particular (M&S).  I tried on 6 tops, all of which were the correct size, unfortunately none of them fitted.  Every one of them gaped somewhere.  I ended up coming home with one pair of trousers and a fleece top.

When you know you  have the right size its very frustrating to be left thinking you have just expanded by another 2 inches.

So when I got home I measured myself to make sure.

I was still the same size.

So this time I went online and ordered 4 tops from M&S in the same size, they arrived today, and they all fit.  Something is not right is it?

Same as knickers and bra's, what you see is not always what you get :(

Why don't men have this problem?

Happy Halloween by the way !!


  1. Oh not to fret...numbers come and go...they all change every decade or feet have shrank one size for a whole year...then now they are back to normal..its just one of those unexplanable delemmas. Shopping NEW is the problem lololol happy Haunting...♥Debi

  2. I hate shopping. Nothing ever fits. If it does it is way out of my price bracket! :o)

  3. It is annoying I agree. I am different sizes in every shop. Sizes also differ from design to design in the same shop. As a teenager I was a size 12 but now clothes that size would be about a size 8. I have clothes in my wardrobe from size 12 to size 16 that all fit me perfectly... I've learnt to overcome vanity and try on several sizes to get clothes that fit.

  4. Same old problem. I have to take a 10,12,14,16 into the changing room because as you say you just never know. So on a good day I am a 10 and on a rubbish more a 16! I just cut all the labels out and I am me.


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