Saturday, 24 November 2012

Last minute gifts

Well not exactly last minute but I was trying to find an unusual husband and wife gift, maybe something they wouldn't have, so I nipped into my favourite shop near to where I live.  They sell the most wonderful 'country style' items, it's a shop I would actually buy if I won the lottery (she's says dreaming).

So I came up with this:

They are very family minded, so can keep all family memories in here.

Also bought a very pretty card from the same shop

Then I got this mug, even the box is fabulous, and I nearly kept it for myself!

The shop in question now has a website
well worth a visit :)

I also treated myself to a beautiful Christmas block from
Isnt it sweet?

Have a great weekend hunnies  xxx


  1. You are so much fun to visit! That is an excellent choice...kind♥ Yeah...another shop to visit...wish I lived closer :)
    love your special Christmas Block♥ Visit my blog...Chipper Nelly is having a giveaway...and I thought of all or you in the UK! yes..i wish i lived closer............xDebi


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