Sunday, 30 December 2012

I'm not giving up chocolate !!

   Firstly Happy New Year !!
to all my blog friends and followers, who have stuck with me even though they had better things to do.
Resolutions?  I have one :

1.  I have no intention of giving up chocolate
Well its the only one I can stick to

Other things that I may do :

I will try not to swear at my sewing machine

I will only wear bra’s that actually fit me

I will love all my creations, even though others may not “go confidently” etc etc

Pretend i’m a sex kitten at least once a month 
{falls about laughing}

Will continue to love being a vegetarian and good all round animal lover  %

Resist the temptation to chop my very long hair off {I am a frustrated rock chick after all}

Self publish a book yes really !!

Are you bored yet??

OK enough is enough

Have a great 2013 luverlies


  1. I think I can stick to your first one too! Happy New Year xx

  2. I love your first resolution, it's definitely something I'm doing as well! ;) I might have to apply the sewing machine resolution to my printer whenever it decides to be disobedient.

    Happy New Year!

  3. yep I'll join you on the first one, a life without chocolate is no life at all ;o)

    as for the Bra one i'm in on that too, in fact I just bought a new one as my old one had shrunk (def not my boobs getting bigger, def the old bra at fault)

    As one frustrated rock chick to another......Do not cut your hair, every damn time I cut mine I regret it and also I refuse to grow out my black hair dye too lol ;o)

    Have a fun new year


  4. Brilliant choices - definitely with you on the chocolate one - chocolate is healthy isn't it? It's a cocoa bean, and a cocoa bean is some kind of nut, bean or pulse which is good for you.......

  5. Love the new look! I would like to be the first to order a signed copy of your book...cant are my blogland faraway friend..:Just the way you are! Happy New Year xoxox ♥Debi

  6. Fabulous resolution!! Happy New Year to you :) x

  7. They sound like great resolutions. Best of luck keeping them all!
    Happy new year


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