Saturday, 19 January 2013

Call me old fashioned but.................

Elf & Safety 
How on earth did we survive back then?

If you were born between the 1940's through to the 1970's then congratulations on being alive!  

Our mothers (while carrying us) smoked and drank. We are here and we are healthy. 

As toddlers our toys had real glass eyes held on with pins (yes those sharp things), painted surfaces were chewed and we drank tap water, even though they both had lead in them.  Childproof lids did not exist, doors and cabinets had no safety catches, bikes were ridden with no helmets.  Yes you guessed it, we are still here.

We climbed trees, played in the snow, had a game of conkers, made makeshift slides balanced on steep steps, slid down the hallway banister (without the aid of a safety net), We made mud pies and played with insects and worms and ate god knows what in the garden.  

We shared the same bottle of juice with our friends and as far as I can remember no one actually died doing this.  We ate sherbet, white bread, fizzy drinks and consumed real full fat milk and butter, and because we played outside and got lots of exercise no child was OBESE.  
We found our friends at school or in the same street, we spoke to each other. Remember we had no mobiles, FB, Twitter or the internet.   
 Do you know who your child is chatting to tonight?  
We played cowboys and Indians with pointy sticks and toy guns.  We fell over countless times with cuts and bruises.  We cried and got over it.  We had total respect for the law and our elders, and that included teachers. 
 Parents and teachers were allowed to discipline kids and those children have NOT turned into violent psychopaths whatever your personal feelings on this subject. 

We did not have sex education in primary school. Give me one good reason why a 3 or 4 year old needs this?
Our parents were allowed to take a picture of a child and not be branded a Paedophile.  A teacher could simply hug a child.  Totally unacceptable now.  How sad the world is - and this is progress?

The older generation were indeed blessed and guess what? 

Pat yourself on the back oldies - you all made it to 2013.

* children & teenagers today suffer unnecessary issues with chronic depression, weight anxiety, how they look, obesity, diabetes, bullying, unwanted pregnancy, etc etc.  

 I am so grateful I had the chance to be a child and only became an adult when my age said I was *



  1. Oh my goodness! This is all so true.I`m also still here! Jille xx

  2. We were raised with discipline, respect, and moral standands..Yes my generation rebelled against it, what generation didnt rebel the generation that raised them. Somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong. I am afraid for the future generations, they are so very into a self shell although they hide in their rooms viewing the world from a computer, or make believe reality. Im all four imagination, but not encased in ones room.

    I have also realized that the greatest offenders of this distorted civilization are highly self medicated and that 2 is exceptable..

    As any living thing, the balance of nature will prevail Im affraid....The world is likened to a 20yr old who knows everything and cannot be told anything.

    So I try to save what breath I have left as I smoke drink from the tap and play with share things..
    ASk yourself this...Why is Downton Abby so very popular Especially abroad? (Michelle Obama loves this show) Some of us long for standards and self respect....

    You got us all ranting this morning dear ♥
    hugs from the old duck in Canada...xDebi

    1. Ment to say SHARP sorry...♥Debi


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