Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gifts Galore

I am lucky to have some lovely presents for yesterday's birthday.
A stunning vase/stand (a huge church candle would look good on top) and these two sweet seahorses (from hubby). }}

Non related birthday bits : today a lovely gift from Debi - over at all beautifully presented. }}

 Then my art swap from Heidi - over at 
Isnt she just too sweet? }}

  All in all a wonderful day (again). **

Before I forget these are two presents from Christmas that I just love }}



  1. Love Heidi's Art, very expressive. Those seahorses are amazing...good eye! and I love the crackle in the candlesick...The image on the broach is what I imagine you to be...classic, sophisticated, grandlady-like. By the Christmas gifts, others know you well. Your renovations will be spectacular...But remember...Laugh alot and have FUn!!! ♥Debi

  2. Belated Happy Birthday and what wonderful presents. x

  3. Love the sea-horses and the rocking horse - gorgeous gifts xx

  4. Lové thèse little seahorse they are so sweet.
    I have enjoyed my visit.


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