Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's getting there

It’s all been a bit hectic in the cottage for the 3 weeks or so.  Regular readers will know we had a damp problem and had to literally take the walls back to the brickwork. 

All walls are now (hopefully) dry and we have just (today) finished building the shelving and cupboards in the lounge.
Before & after !

All that’s left is to put a skirting board up paint it all.

In between I made an egg cosy for a lovely friend for 
Valentine’s Day }



  1. You are much closer to finishing than we are with ours!! our fireplace has been dug out, treated and damp proofed this week, next week is my daughters birthday so we get a small time out then it's back to it again!! these things take forever!!

  2. Looking really good Pen - and today, I put my post up and what did I see here (haha). Just LOVE IT - thank you so much. In between keeping the egg warm I have it in the lounge on display.

  3. Great spacesaving decor creative♥ built-ins, brilliant. I love your fireplace. I hope you and your tradesmen are having fun and lots of giggling going on.


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