Friday, 8 March 2013

And finally

At last we have cupboards and shelving.  This room was completed last week, painted all white and generally spruced up.  All we need now are a new chair and sofa, this will be later on in the year.

On the “make” front I am trying to do a “quilting” effect for a cushion, never tried it before.  Here is my effort in it’s unfinished, un - ironed state }



  1. Your room looks lovely and good to see I'm not the only one who loves all white ;o)

  2. Looking gorgeous - bet you are glad that it is done now. The quilting is looking good too.

  3. Pleased that your room is almost finished, another hurdle dealt with! Love that cushion the blues are really pretty.

  4. Your room does look lovely, your quilted cushion is coming along nicely too xxx

  5. Your black fireplace is so cool! I just love all the details :)


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