Saturday, 9 March 2013

Patchwork (the easy way)

I follow a lot of blogs, quilting seems to be a very popular craft.  When I saw some of the beautiful patchwork effect crafts I had two thoughts.
1.   That looks complicated
2.   It’s boring sewing a lot of little squares together.

It’s something I have never tried (patience is not a trait I have), and it seemed to involve a lot of measuring & being very precise. As I have a real problem with calculating anything (number dyslexia or dyspraxia to be correct) I was never going to be any good at it.  If I sew something, whether it be an egg cosy or a coaster I have to do everything by eye numbers and me do not mix.

The thought of trying to sew together a patchwork cushion was at the very least challenging. When I tried an egg cosy with a lining it took several attempts as I had no concept of “calculating” what way round the lining and fabric was supposed to go, where I should leave the opening and how to attach a tag, this inevitably wasted a lot of material until I finally worked it out.  
I’m sure that a lot of you may wonder how on earth something so simple can end up the wrong way around or inside out but to me even the most simple instructions like “tack this a third of the way down and leave a one inch seam allowance” or "sew on the bias" etc will have me in a panic.  The point is I do things in the simplest way I can.  This is my first attempt at a patchwork cushion, the pink one is the better one.  No measuring, no little plastic squares I see you ladies use I just keep my fingers crossed } 
I am in awe of the intricate designs and massive quilts that I see - that is a step too far for me - I know my limitations *



  1. Perfection .............♥Debi

  2. They are really lovely, they look very precise and match up perfectly! Julie x

  3. Well you made a fantastic job of them I must say. Sometimes doing things by eye work out just as well. Me and straight lines - well!! Often I put a card together, show hubby and he will say its not straight. Where? Then he points it out - even if it is a milli milli bit out, he can see it and I can't - so that attempt - in the bin. So I know how you feel. You should be chuffed with these results.


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