Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I've started, so I will finish

Some of you on Facebook will have noticed that I have started a fitness regime.  I am not entirely happy with what I see in the mirror so I need to do something 
about it. 

This is my 3rd day of a Level 1 workout, nothing too extreme (not good for someone my age) and something that is in keeping with my age.  I uploaded several video’s from You Tube and put them on my blog, this way I can view them anytime and I always know where they are.
 I admit I do ache, my muscles are throbbing L

I do walk nearly every day, even though it is down to Tesco and back again it’s still exercise !

I have weighed myself just once and in 6 months will weigh myself again.  I will try and eat sensibly but will not “diet” as such.  We will see if, number one: I can keep this up, and number two: if it makes a difference.

Like my crafting I never finish anything I start, I am all over the place, sewing, painting, writing, etc etc.  If I do go the course it will be a first J

X } x


  1. Your Fabulous .....just the way you are! But have fun messing with perfection....♥Debi

    your blog didnt show up on bloglovin or google reader??? anywho....remember to switch soon as google reader will be know more.........I see you have dusted and rearranged the Sweet Nest!

  2. Well done you. I need to be more disciplined too - I spend way too much time on the computer, so fat bum, don't walk the dog far enough, fat orange peel legs and eat all the good stuff - cake, chocolate and biccys so middle age tyre - yep I too am not happy with myself, and at the moment no will-power. So well done.

  3. It is so easy to start things, but so hard to finish them, but think of the satisfaction when you do! Good luck! Julie x

  4. Totally with you on this...!!!
    I am constantly on a diet by any other name - a fitness fad, a healthy food week, an 'I'm going to lose a stone by the summer' trip.... Unfortunatly, something always gets in the way.
    I go to Zumber once a week, eat healthily through the week (easy when I'm at work) but once the weekend arrives I can't resist.....
    Jo. xx


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