Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Altered Art (Adele)

Had a bit of a break with the blog due to, of all things, a really dodgy back.  After my attempts at a fitness regime, and a gentle one at that, I must have pulled something and wham!!  I have got a bad back anyway, so it’s back to serious yoga and short walks.  How can I do yoga with a bad back I hear you ask?  It’s the only thing that I can do that doesn’t effect it. Years ago I was a temp and the job I had (for 6 months) was copy typing all day sitting on one of those awful “typists” chairs, I never had a problem before then unfortunately it’s stayed with me to this day, it affects sitting for long periods and standing is even worse, but yoga for me is a godsend, so it’s back to what I did years ago.  Anyway that’s enough of my stupid back J

In the meantime I had a go at some altered art.  I took an image of the fabulous Adele and copied it (it took me 3 hours to sketch it !!!), I then applied watercolours in blue, green and red, then I pasted medium gel all over it and while it was still damp scraped away at the image, and also wrinkled the damp paper, then I applied some gesso with a sponge.  I was trying to achieve an almost decayed look. What do you think ?


  1. She is still stunning! You would get a much better decayed look if I sent you my picture, it would be a lot less work! Nicely done xoxo

  2. I love it! It's beautiful, really gorgeous. I love pretty with a smear of decay :)

  3. You are very talented! Hope your back is feeling better soon Julie x

  4. Yoga is great! I'm a complete convert to it. Also been suffering not with back but shoulder and chest and its helped so much (also job inducing) , wedging, hanging artwork at school amongst other physical duties.
    Yoga is magical and creative I wish I had discovered it years ago especially before childbirth I love it! Keep it up your back with strengthen with the right positions


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