Saturday, 27 July 2013

Creative Photography

Hello luverlies - I had so many flowers from yesterday that I had to hunt high and low for anything that could be used as a vase.  Unbeknown to me all my past vases have vanished, and I have no idea where they've all gone.  Anyway luckily I found an old Marks & Sparks gold decorative vase (shouldn't really put water in it but too late!!), and two old fashioned milk bottles, two flat bottles and a "kilner" jar.  After arranging everything I grabbed my favourite friend (camera) and started clicking away.  I wanted to be a bit more "arty" so I spent a good hour in turning these images into something a little special.

Also did the same to our local "thatched cottages" along the road from me.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone x


  1. Lovely photos. The flowers look beautiful in the kilner jar, what a good idea! Julie x

  2. Wow such an artist you are. All the pictures are lovely and look so so nice. Fabulous pictures.

  3. Your photos are just gorgeous, love the jars and bottles with lids, they make a wonderful vase :)

    Bee happy x


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