Monday, 19 August 2013

Always take your camera with you

Went for a walk this afternoon with Mr P. and had a coffee, also took my camera (I nearly always forget) and this is what I saw.
These big boys were getting closer and closer to the edge and I kept thinking "what am I
going to do if they fall in?".  Well nothing really, can't imagine trying to rescue a 10 ton cow from a stream!!

A tiny church door

A really pretty antiques shop

Another beautiful cottage

With an old workhouse right next door

More eye candy

Our local cop shop

And a beautiful butterfly who landed for a second (hence the shaky hand photo)


  1. Beautiful photos! I always forget to take my camera, but you've proven you should take it every time you go out! Julie x

  2. gorgeous photos. I do love old buildings. xx

  3. You live in a gorgeous area - love the buildings

  4. You live in a beautiful part of the world - gorgeous photos... xx

  5. Yes, you must always remember your camera :)
    These are lovely! The roof of that cottage had me swooning...and that tiny door...too cute!

  6. I absolutely love the cottage. Thank god you got the camera with you :D It's my faithful companion but sometimes it decides to stay at home as well... People tend to take their pictures with their phones these days, but I don't like that even though it could be done quite well with mine. I prefer the old fashioned way it seems.
    The antiques shop looks like my dream house :D



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