Thursday, 15 August 2013

This could only happen in Lincolnshire!!

Glancing through our local rag yesterday I came across this story, I actually thought it was a joke, but no, it's happening here :

I'm thinking a good right hand or pepper spray - but jingle bells??



  1. We had that a while back. They were giving out little bells. Didn't fancy walking down the road sounding like a miniature town cryer!

  2. When you hear a bell ring an Angel just got wings! What a festive part of the world! xoxoDebi

  3. I've seen (and heard) several people with bells on their purses. We have one on our dog's collar so we can find him when he slinks off! Julie x

  4. How funny! Luckily I grew up in a rough part of London, so always have my arm clamped firmly round my handbag. Now living in rural Suffolk my daughter just thinks this is advanced paranoia...

  5. I had my purse stolen out of my locked car last year....they simply broke my window. If I didn't hear that, a bell wouldn't have helped....haha!


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