Monday, 23 September 2013

What day were you born on? {Interesting}

I searched a calendar of my birth year on-line and found out I was born on a Wednesday - Wednesday's child is "full of woe" etc........ is there more to this?  Try for yourself it's quite fun and in my case actually true (well almost).

Born on a Wednesday, your ruling planet is Mercury - planet of communication.

These people can be the biggest practical jokers, they love to have the floor and flit from person to person or job to job like bright butterflies. This is so true of me :)
They are versatile, clever and communicative.  What can I say?
Wednesday people have more ups and downs in love then a roller coaster.  They seem to have spates of emotional turmoil that comes in waves, and their personal life is far from dull.  They need a stable partner who can provide an anchor for them.  I have one of those thank goodness!!
When hurt/upset, a Wednesday person can retreat into moody silences or charge the air with verbal assaults - there are no half measures with them.
I have been known to do both - life is never dull or predictable with me
They make excellent journalists, detectives and excel in careers like - hairdressing, jewellery design, acting, engineering and entertainment.
I like the detective & acting bit, again very true

They prefer to opt for short periods of actual travel as they go crazy if cooped up in small places like cabins of ships or planes for any length of time.  YES.
Mountaineering or hang-gliding may appeal to their adventurous natures.
Erm NOPE, the thought of it is OK but I fear heights so it's a NO NO.

They are fairly restless characters who like to move around - sometimes causing upsets to those around them.
Are you still with me dear reader??
There's more..........
     You are quite witty and have a mind curved specially for business.
      You are not very organized in your work and have a cluttered thought process as well.
I would not like to look into my brain!

 You are not much concerned about your looks or your surroundingsyou are mostly simple minded.
How charming - I knew the good stuff wouldn't last :)
(simple minded???? - the cheek of it)

      You are curious by nature; you ask a lot of questions and seek to communicate. You are very active when it comes to interacting with others and exchanging ideas.  That's why I blog!       You are satisfied with your life most of the time and are easily contented by what you have. 
 Hmmmmm suppose.
      You are efficient in your work, and are likely to do well in supervisory positions.
       You should keep your temper in check as you are by birth short tempered which comes in the way of your achieving success in life and maintaining good relationships. Oopps :(

        Women born on Wednesdays, especially after 6 PM, however exhibit different characteristics: You are materialistic, highly intelligent and sometimes, sly. You always do things which will give you back something in return.
There is no way I was born after 6pm :)  I like the highly intelligent bit though.



  1. This is hilarious! Nicely pictured! Love Helen M! Okay, but not the simple minded , not caring for your surroundings bit.....or after 6 absolutely not! Now my turn..... xoDebi

  2. Oh, have always loved this verse, and it's interesting to see what days our children and loved ones are born.

    Have a nice Autumn week.


  3. I was born on a Wednesday too. Not sure of the time tho. Some bits apply - I am pretty well organised tho, but my mind is all over the place, thus insomnia one of my traits. Hate travelling - a necessary evil if I want to see my daughter and get the moodies and constantly changing things. Probably why we are forever changing our blog bits!

  4. I'm a Wednesday Child too...!!!
    Not sure if much of the above is me but there are elements that I can identify to... Not saying which thought - lol. xx


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