Friday, 27 September 2013

Who's image is this? {How to}

Many of you will already know how to search for the original source of an image, this is particularly useful if you inadvertently use an image on your blog and want to credit the rightful owner.  This way is quick and easy.

You will find a camera icon on the search bar, click it and it enables you to download an image, either from the web or from your own computer.
When the image downloads a list of all possible sources comes up, sometimes, as in the case of Pinterest, you may find dozens!!  Of course dozens of us pin constantly and it is quite difficult to track down the very first “pinner”.  
I do upload pins to my FB page and have to just credit “Pinterest” as the source.

This quick method is helpful if you believe your own private image is being used on someone else’s blog or site without your knowledge.  This is especially good for artists as their work is constantly being hijacked!!

Try it for yourself ***


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