Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Swaps, books and Vintage

Very last chance to enter the Christmas Envelope Swap, just leave a message here and I will contact you.  Had some really lovely swaps in so far, I will do a post when everyone's envelope's are in, and mine are sent out.

In the meantime I have (for some time) been writing a short story.

It's aimed at those of us who think they are really about 6 years old (in their minds) and want to go back to an age of innocence - but it can be for children to read.  It's very simple and short and one day I will self publish it.

I did the illustrations myself


There is also another short story, this time it's adults only, iv'e been writing it for about 2 years!!  But that's a different blog post.

Yesterday we (me & hubs) decided to put up the Christmas curtains, long heavy red and gold ones that always come out at Christmas time, this year I couldn't wait!!  Also bought a load of cards and paper.
All of our decorations are now in the house (not in the shed) and I can't wait to get them up - 1st December is the date to save.

Looking around the web I thought I would post some of my favourite styles for decorations.


(I have these)

(I have very similar to these courtesy of the brilliant "Pants & Paper")



Are you a 1st December person?

Rosa Lily A


  1. Been collecting bits myself this year - going for the rustic/nordic look. I have those scandi reindeer. Used them on the tree last year. My two nordic stars arrived today and yesterday got some lanterns - like a bit kid - can't wait to play. Loving my envelope. Can't wait to see your collection.

  2. I am All Rushed Out! .....haven't tidied up from the Puddleduck Halloween Party yet, snow is in our forecast and I drive 600 klms every two weeks so my Son can spend time with his boys.....So Christmas! I will get to .......
    Love your decorations! Must dash to the post office! Huge Hugs! Debi

  3. Your book looks great you are such a talented artist so the illustrations will be wonderful! love all the styles of christmas decorations it's hard to pick a favourite one, usually have a mix around the house in different differents. I am a 1st Dec person, this is my birthday so have to put the christmas things up!

    Bee happy x

  4. The illustrations in your book look fabulous. It's my youngest son's birthday on 29th November so I start putting little bits and pieces around the house after that, but am not allowed to put (real) tree up until about 10 days before Christmas as everyone moans about the pine needles! Julie x


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