Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas Swap Envelopes revealed

It was great fun organising the Christmas Envelope swap, and I can now reveal the fabulous creations that my lovely ladies sent to me. I loved the fact that every card was completely different.  All these envelopes will be strung together into a festive garland and displayed in my lounge over the Christmas period, it’s a unique reminder of blogging festive fun!  Those who sent a card or a little 'extra' I appreciate your kindness very much 

 In no particular order :
Ali  A

Chrissy  A

Jo   A

Deb  A

 Debi   A

Suzanne  A

Here are the cards I sent out (front and back)

Links to all swappers :


Ltu L


  1. They all are so very different and beautiful! I absolutely loved this swap my dear friend! I especially adore my envelops and ornaments , they will be cherished with the other Rosa Lily Creations I am fortunate to have!! xoxoDebi

  2. What a fabulous collection and as you say every one so different. Great fun. Xx

  3. Every envelope is so pretty and christmasy, thank you so much for organising the swap and I love your idea of making them into bunting :)

    Bee happy x

  4. It's wonderful to see what everyone made and how different they are. They are all beautiful.
    Thanks for hosting this. It was a lovely swap.
    Ali x

  5. All such beauties!! I've popped over from Bee Happy to see the envelopes. What a splendid idea, and I like all of the creativity in each one of them. Delightful!!

    Enjoy your envelopes, and have a glorious day,


  6. What a talented bunch you all are... Every envelope was different.
    Can we do it again next year?


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