Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Guess what's in here

Having spent years with a present shaker (you know, picks up Christmas present, shakes it, feels it, jiggles it etc) I thought it high time I did something about it.  How could I disguise a box?  Mmmmmmm........... so here’s what I did today, i’m only doing it for a few things, these are the first.  I’m not talking about a child i’m talking hubby present shaker (all grown men are small boys aren't they?).  Mind you it was easier doing the plain box wrap with a ribbon!  Still waiting for loads more presents to turn up (we really spoil ourselves each Christmas) so it’s thinking cap on again.  The present disguised as a man was the hardest. J 

 House disguise

 A fish (sort of)

A paper man

A normal wrap


  1. Haha, well, that would get someone guessing for sure.

  2. Nice idea! Especially for the kids! Gifts....big and small! lol xoDebi

  3. Great idea trying to hide, I am good at guessing presents, wish I wasn't :( no surprises for me that often! don't blame you for treating yourselves at Christmas we do the same

    Bee happy x

  4. Good idea! I have present shakers too. Or (twiddler fiddler fingers as I call them) might be joining you with disguising the gifts this year. I might try Christmas cracker shapes as I'm not sure I could do the lovely houses you have made

  5. Oh my Father in law was a terrible present shaker. He even had a go at other peoples presents. I think it was rare that he didn't open things before Christmas day. I love your wrapping ideas and will definiately be having a go at the tree. The man looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  6. I'm afraid to say that I'm the 'shaker' in our house... ;-)


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