Saturday, 15 February 2014

It's taken a while

It's taken a while but we are now in our new flat and what a journey it's been.  Relocating from Lincolnshire to the South coast, to get this far we (me and hubby) have sacrificed everything, giving up owning our own home to a life of renting is not for the faint hearted, it was the only way we could relocate, we both know we left it far too late in life but now it's done there is no going back.  I have another 8 years of work in front of me before I can 'officially' retire, I have to now find a job and keep it (even more scary!!), this will be no easy task as iv'e been self employed for over 4 years - unfortunately it's not enough to keep a roof over our heads - am I nervous, you bet I am.  In the meantime I have few pics of the flat, we are about 100 metres from the edge of the sea (can't knock the views!) and yes it is a very nice flat in a very nice area - but it does take some getting used to, for the first time in my life I feel very vulnerable as we need to get this right.  Am I making sense?

Hope I can look back at this soon and wonder why I was being such a scaredy cat!

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Have a great weekend

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  1. Lovely to hear your all settled in. Your flat looks so bright and airy, I love all the art work. I will be thinking of you, sending lots of positive thoughts your way for everything you need.
    Ali x

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful. You both have made a lovely new home and I hope that you will spend many many years enjoying it. Did you have to get rid of much stuff before you moved then?

  3. Wow it looks an amazing flat - you are braver than I would be - I applaud you though.

    I have to admit that I like the security of owning my little home - it makes me feel safe and secure - and I am too old to change. I am so looking forward to reading about your new adventures and will no doubt be green with envy in the summer months.

    Wishing you every happiness in your new home and new lifestyle.

  4. It looks lovely and you are very brave to follow your dream. Just wait til the sun is shining and you are sitting out on your balcony in a few months time and you will be so glad you did! I hope you are very happy in your new home. Julie x

  5. I truly hope you are happy in your new home and have many awesome years ahead of you!!

  6. Bright! Spacious! Beautiful new Beginings! Many tales those waves can tell! Very romantic view! I would be in a constant daze!! Keep a weather eye, my friend and believe!! xoDebi

  7. That is a beautiful flat :-D Lovely views.


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