Monday, 10 March 2014

Not everybody knows that about me :)

Hello!!  It's been a while........I thought I would enlighten you with some factoids :) so if you can keep awake - here we go :

I was born in London on February 1st, I am an Aquarian and do possess all of their weird traits.
My real name is not Rosa Lily, (although it is a family name) I use it just for my blog and Facebook.  I think too much personal information is sometimes not necessary, and there are certain people who I know, who would invade my "creative space" with their own drivel, especially on FB, so I don't let on i'm in virtual land.

I have very long hair, I have also had very short hair, but the longer it gets the more I resist having it all chopped off!!  Some would say that older women should not have long hair - well BOO to that.

I have a tattoo of a large tiger on my left shoulder blade (there's a rock chick in there somewhere). I would love to get some Angel Wings some day.....

I have no intention of ever acting my age.

I love animals more than almost anything
I loathe liars and cruelty (in all forms)
I am at that age when my hormones are confused, but I haven't killed anyone (yet)

Are you still awake lovelies??

I was 6 when I bought my first record and I have a vast music library,  music is a healer - no doubt about it

I also have a vast ITunes library - as you can see I love my music.  I have also clung onto old cassettes, videos etc.... I have a vast film library to.

I believe that what goes around - comes around (so be nice to me)

On my wedding day as I got out of the car at the church, a little girl ( in a loud voice) said
"It's the Queen !"

I have known my hubby all of my life :)

I am a dreamer and often drift off into lala land.

I'm not religious but I believe that something must have made all of this.  I also believe
in guardian angels, in whatever form they appear.

Regrets ?  I've had a few (I nearly broke into song there!), but who hasn't?

I wear Bridgette Jones knickers.  As for squishing myself into a pair of  'Spanx' - no thanks!

Charity begins at home (always)

I am 5ft 6in and fairly well upholstered :)

I have a real "fear" of those old type ventriloquist dummies, the ones that look like little men (shudder shudder).  The film 'Magic' completely freaked me out :(

I love the feel and look of old books - well old anything really.  Not old men by the way, just in case you thought I was being a bit weird ;)

Shabby is wonderful. Retro is cool.  Vintage is fabulous.

I love sitting and watching the world go by.....

Do you get the feeling I need to get out more?

My childhood home was haunted.

I have Al Pacino's autograph.

I have a purple belt in karate (chop chop).

I have been known to ignore a knock at the door, or a phone call, if I don't want to be disturbed.  I have never opened the door to a stranger - If I don't know you don't bother me.

If you don't watch Big Bang Theory you will not 'get' the image above!

I still practice yoga.  Did it full on in my 20's, and yes it is good for you.

I can read Tarot cards :)

I do love a glass of Baileys (no ice of course).

I love Christmas.  I love chocolate and dairy ice cream, together if possible.

I consider myself to be very fortunate in lots of ways.

In my Family Tree I have a pirate (not Johnny Depp unfortunately). A lot of my ancestors came from Jersey and Alderney.

I have lived in 10 different properties since 1986 - wanderlust maybe?

My favourite sound is a cats purr.

A favourite sight? - Butterflies dancing
Worst trait? - Never finishing anything I st...........

Best trait? - Empathy

If I had a super power? - To exterminate on sight

Describe myself in 3 words


☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆L tu L☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆

Have a great rest of the day lovelies



  1. Excellent missus. I would love the exterminate button too - and mainly for some family members

  2. What a wonderful post. It was lovely to get to know you a bit better.
    Ali xx

  3. Nice list..... I knew lots of those about you already so I must either be a crazy stalker or I've 'known' you in blogland a long time.......hehe ;)

  4. I loved reading this post! It was great to know more about you. I am an Aquarian too and also share the weird traits hehe!! And, right there with you on the hormones lol! xx

  5. I am an Aquarian too and I have lots of these traits and I now see that I am saying the exact same thing as the previous person, so maybe one of my traits is that I am also boring - but hey, it's true! I enjoyed reading this post - yes ... it was unconventional and such a relief !! xCathy

  6. I love this post! I do visualize you as that stunner with the karma tattoo! really ! Don't cut your hair, you will regret it and it will never grow back!
    I want a wooden puppet cause I'm done talking! I want to begin Yoga! And someday have a cocktail with you! and all the Island Gals! xoxoDebi

  7. Oh your scared of those freaky dolls too. I get chills just By watching that picture. Thanks for sharing little info about yourself. Pleasure to read. -Niina


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