Thursday, 3 April 2014

It's stuck and it won't come out!!

Yesterday I bought out my sewing machine.  I haven't used it since we moved 8 weeks ago.  Not noticing that anything was wrong I stood it on the table.  I thought I could hear a rattle, but didn't know where it was coming from.  As I looked down I saw the bobbin was missing.  The cotton from the bobbin was hanging down from the inner workings of the machine, impossible I thought, it would seem the stupid removal men had turned the machine on it's head and the bobbin had dislodged itself and miraculously wedged itself where I couldn't grab it.  So Mr P. decided to take the machine apart (I had a real sense of doom at this point) and after about 20 minutes of fffing and jeffing and culprit was found.  Of course the machine had to be put back together.  At this point I left the room as Mr P. got on with it.  I am pleased to report after much huffing and puffing it is all systems go.  Yay!!  The moral of this story?  Always write 'THIS WAY UP' on your machine before packing :)

Anyhow I did 3 more little fabric pieces - do you like them?

Me and Mr P. also had a night of 'comedy opera' at our favourite eatery in the Harbour.  What a treat, the atmosphere was electric, food was glorious and the music was beautiful.  The site of a fit Italian singer in absurdly tight black trousers and thigh length boots walking around the tables gyrating was not for the faint hearted!!


☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆L tu L☆☆* ♥♥ *☆☆


  1. Oh my! Some red faced moments there! I'm happy this has a "job well done" ending!
    Lovely stitched pieces were born!
    Love to read your outing reviews! Sneak a pic next time! xoxoDebi

  2. I love these...!!!
    Thank goodness your Hubby could fix it - I wouldn't leave mine withing 10 miles of mine... lol. xx


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