Friday, 16 May 2014

The mystery that is the 'Man Drawer'

It was a certain comedian who initially enlightened us to the virtues of the 'Man Drawer'.  It's a bit like a shed only smaller, unless of course you are blessed with huge cupboards, if you are your other half will have a significantly bigger drawer.  But what is it, I hear you ask, and what's it for, I hear you ask again.  Well that dear bloggy friends is the mystery, us women (wives and girlfriends) will never quite understand.
It's a sacred place where your other half puts (hides) his important stuff.  Not birth certificates or wills, I mean useless important stuff.

Bits of old paper with undecipherable gobbledygook on it, written in a secret Vulcan language.  A diary, 12 pens, a dictaphone (for capturing the odd thought), a cigar (kept especially for Christmas), a screwdriver, pliers, bubblewrap (used for stressful moments when watching the football), paracetamol (used for the same thing), several mobile phones (all of which need charging) and the list goes on and on.

Of course we would all love to peek inside but then the mystery is gone forever!
Best close up now before I get found out....

Does your man have a Man Drawer?



  1. Nicely done! Your "man" drawer is very interesting! A secret ambition? What man / boy doesn't love bubble wrap?
    Mr. Crane has a very neat drawer with a knitted bag of black balls which remind him of is Penny candy days!
    They hang on just as tight to youthful memories as we do, but secretly! xoDebi

  2. Oh God - don't go there..!! It'a more like drawers, plural in our house AND not as tidy as yours either...
    Jo. xx


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