Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lammas Festival in Eastbourne

Myself and hubby celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and stayed in a favourite hotel for a night, unbeknown to us the Lammas Festival was in full swing!

Lammas is an ancient celebration connected with the harvest, it is Pagan in it's origins.

Here are some images of that day :

Henna & hats!!

Spell bottles



  1. Looks amazing! Glad you enjoyed... xx

  2. Fab pictures. So its not all zimmer frames and hankie on the heads then!

  3. That's looks fantastic! Added wonderment on your special weekend! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photography! ( oh I wish I was there! ) xoDebi

  4. Looks wonderful, what a great way to spend your anniversary!!

  5. Wow! Looks like an amazing place! Glad you had a fantastic anniversary xx

  6. how fab to realise that by chance you went on this day. I have never even heard of it before, and I go to that part of the coast a lot! I will look out for it next year. Happy Anniversary

  7. Happy anniversary! glad you had a lovely time :)

    Bee happy x


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