Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Baby Oleg has arrived :)

You all know the cute Meerkat ads, so when hunting for new insurance and using that comparison site, Baby Oleg was on offer, along with his grub toy.

I do love anything cute and he arrived yesterday complete with cardboard cradle and his adoption certificate.  I know it's all a marketing ploy BUT it costs nothing to go through these sites and this little fella is a freebie :)  Plus i'm a very big kid at heart (not ashamed to say it).

"Baby Oleg mysteriously appear on mansion doorstep one dark and stormy night.  Since then this little bundle of fur have become big part of Orlov family.  His favourite things include cuddle grub toy and preventing Sergei from sleep in middle of night"

I will have to sign out as Oleg needs a change :)  xx

1 comment:

  1. Ah he's cute. We have two of the meerkats as well, but until we need insurance renewal cannot get little Oleg. Love his nappy.


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