Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Craft Book review - Scandi style

I have just received 3 lovely craft books that I want to share with you. This is the first one. 
Anything remotely Scandinavian catches my eye so this first book was perfect.

If you like Tone Finnanger (Tilda merchandise) this is very similar.  I will say not as 'pretty' in the sense of photographic images.  Tilda books, for those who buy them, are just beautiful to look at, even if you never make anything.  This one does have some lovely ideas, the Christmas mice are too sweet, the book is a good read and the makes are relatively simple.
It is 112 pages long and has full size templates at the back, so no photocopying your patterns, always a good thing.

Book two soon  xx


  1. Lovely - like these sort of things too

  2. I have that fabric! ( one up from bottom", brown & red) ooh! Tis the season for dreaming of creative adventures! xoDebi

  3. Like you, I love anything Tilda or Scandi style so this looks good...
    Thanks for sharing. xx


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