Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Harrogate - Gorgeous!!

I have always wanted to go to Harrogate (Yorkshire) and always knew that I would like it.  So I persuaded hubby and off we went on an 8 day trip.

We had been to Yorkshire before (York) and enjoyed that.  This was a new experience and i'm so glad we did it.

One of the loveliest places was Valley Gardens, and fortunately we were blessed with the most glorious weather.

A busy bee!!

Immaculate gardens

Secret tunnels

There is a beautiful tea rooms in the gardens, so a light snack and coffee were the order of the day.
And guess who turned up for a cuppa?  Do you recognise her from Emmerdale?  
Actress Natalie J. Robb who plays Moira Dingle (Cain's other half).  Just strolled in, so camera at the ready I managed a quick snap without being noticed :)

There were some lovely carvings on show :)

A beautiful knotted tree 

Wonderful architecture 

A tiny well in the gardens

A squirrel posing eating his nut :) 

A real beauty just having a sunbathe, sorry it wasn't a clearer shot

A massive Weatherspoons in town

Of course we had to sample 'upstairs at Betty's
Tasted and looked gorgeous but well over the top on price, but we just had to do it :)

Some chocolate Owls

A wedding exhibition was going on in the town, scrummy car :)

It's that squirrel again burying his nuts :)

The most beautiful Chinese restaurant I have ever seen - first time we have eaten with chop sticks (properly).  I only wish I had my camera with me that night. 

Yellow bikes were everywhere in Yorkshire because of the Tour de France this year

Knaresborough Castle - some wonderful views

Another bike

Inside Ripon Cathedral

Quaint shops and road signs :) 

Bob selling Smart coffee from his Smart car :) in the market place (Ripon)
Clever idea!

A wonderful experience and I would go again like a shot.

10 out of 10, and it's not often you can say that :)


  1. Wow looks amazing. Lovely and clean. That twisted tree is actually a wisteria! Great shots.

  2. Duck Hill and yellow bikes, squirrels messing about and elegant park benches! Magical , inspirational and must visit again ! thank you !


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