Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Enchanted Cottage

It's not often you find a really quirky self catering cottage that is so different to anything you have ever seen.  We found it in East Sussex.

If you love being in the middle of nowhere (literally), being surrounded by birds and animals that roam freely, this will be a slice of heaven.

Wellies in the autumn and winter months are a must as you are in the middle of a forest.  If you enjoy walking all the better.

The cottage is full of quirky 70's kitsch touches.  Like the TV, soda syphon, crockery, and of course an original Lava Lamp.

Original and unusual decor!

Check out those groovy lamps!!

There is always something new to see!

The outside comes inside - peacocks, rhea's, ducks, geese etc  just may pop in to say hello.

If you wonder what a Rhea is...........

This is Dave (a girl).  Very pretty she is to!  Some other residents :-

and.... some wild Boar!  His name is Russell!!  He has many wives and children.

Images of the Cottage

The owners Martin & Christopher were friendly and charming.
A wonderful experience.  We are already planning our next visit.



  1. Lovely Adventure wonderful characters, and serenity!

  2. Looks wonderful. So wish to go somewhere like that one day

  3. Looks so beautiful and a great place to stay

    Bee happy x


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