Saturday, 3 January 2015

What a load of balls!

We took all the Christmas decorations down today, and as for the 8ft tree........we managed to get it back into the box it came in.  It fought for a while but with some strong string and a lot of panting and puffing, it decided to stay put for another year.

Don't the balls look pretty in here?

My reflection in the balls seems to have taken on a strange kind of triangular Christmas tree shape, I am not always that shape - honest :)

Back soon with lots of new ideas x


  1. Love your banner! My Roas Liky treasured decorations are tucked away safely for another year! xoDebi

  2. An 8ft tree..!! I bet it put up a fight. Ours isonly 4ft but every year it hates going into it's black bag & up to the sttic - can't blame it really... :/

  3. Love the new layout too. Happy new year and look forward to your blogs

  4. Why do things never go back into the box the way they came out? We have two large pieces of rope holding our tree in it's box. Your new header is really pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ideas.
    Ali xx

  5. Love your now blog layout xx

  6. yes, they look lovely all together
    my tree will come down today
    thank you for your lovely visit.


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