Sunday, 15 February 2015

A summers day in February

It is hot today, not just warm, hot!  Our windows are open in February :)
Myself and hubster took a stroll to the Harbour and snapped a few lovely pics :)

The bridge goes up each time a boat passes by, it's the only way to get over!

Clear waters

One of two locks

The RNLI are stationed here

Muddy waters

Back to the beach

A thirsty crow

A beach selfie!

The view we see every day :)



  1. Are you bragging or complaining? lololol. I woke to -33c and your hot sunny pictures!
    Going back to bed.
    Enjoy your paradise! xoxo

  2. Your photos are wonderful, loved the selfie :) I am very envious I would love to wake up to that view.
    Ali xx


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