Monday, 27 April 2015

Tell me what you want, what you really really want.....

Not the best of weeks!

Managed to find a job where I wasn't considered too old, and a company who didn't seem to mind the fact that I have been self employed for 6 years - but of course if it sounds too good to be true - it usually is.

A 15 minute drive away and good money......but as boring as hell coupled with the fact that the office staff consisted of a mother, father and daughter and another bloke who had been there for a thousand years.  They were all miserable and there was never any happy banter.....I should have seen the signs.

I went through the motions day in, day out - bored bored bored.  Trouble is I have to have an interest in what i'm doing - and this job didn't engage me in the slightest - so I walked away - for the sake of my own sanity :)  Anyhoo - enough about that....

I have been creating art again and writing lots of letters (I belong to a fabulous cheery Pen Pal society) - thank goodness for happy people :)
And happy mail of course :)

Tried to do some art but this was all I could manage!  "Daydreamer" - that's me!

And what do I really want?...................One of these!

And just in keeping with the General Election......YAWN

On that note I will go xx


  1. Your pen pal society sounds lovely, I'd really like to do something like that, I miss receiving letters and buying nice note paper x

  2. Like minded as always dear heart! I have fought for 5 months to have my menial pay correct, but that is to much to ask. Their mistakes in direction are routine, and I am to obey, obey, obey, without a whimper. Well that has never been me , and screw with my pay and I get lippy!
    I worked as a merchandiser in retail. Dealing with big box and snobby menopausal cosmations . ( sorry can't spell)
    Minimum wage tends to inflate egos and rudeness makes up for pay levels....but I missed that generation and be rude to me, and back up!
    My sanity is in question and I am angry all the time, so like you, I got my glue and scissors out and reminded myself who I was....really.
    Thank my lucky stars for you and ALL my creative hearted virtual friends who hold me each day from the brink of disaster! I will be kissing this crazy job bye, bye as well.

    PS......people have forgotten how to interact with each other .....

    Huge Hugs! xoxoDebi

  3. Shame about the job but boredom is the ultimate bore!!!
    I'm afraid to say that my job has that edge to it now. I'm still hoping to get back to doing the literacy tutoring which I love so much...


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