Saturday, 6 June 2015

Have you seen my Dust Bunnies?

 A Dust Bunny?  You know those little balls of fluff hat accumulate under beds and sofa's etc..
I am expecting a large gathering today when I strip the bed and haul the mattress off so that I can vacuum between the slats and down to floor.  Unfortunately like most people who have 'non divan' beds there is a lot of unused space under the old love bug, and so stuff accumulates at high speed if not checked.  Also like most people I tend not to drag the stuff out but 'clean' around it, yes I know it's naughty but please don't say i'm the only one?

The Dust Bunny is not the biggest gripe - cleaning the oven is :(  I'm going in soon.  Iv'e left a message that if no one hears from me within the next 24 hours then please call the fire brigade, as I will probably be stuck to the sides.

I'm hoping to achieve the impossible :)

Wish me luck.

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  1. It's the perfection BUG! that is most dangerous! Don't forget the protective battle wear! gas mask and all! xoDebi

  2. Two hateful jobs - must be done eventually. Hope you survived


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