Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Do you like to smell OLD?

When I say old I mean smell like you did back in the 70's and 80's.  Do you remember what perfumes you wore and what they made you feel like?

One of my favourites was Goya's Aqua Manda - I used to drench myself in this stuff, and it's back on the market although a lot of people say it's not like the original, mores the pity.

Another favourite was Jovan Musk Oil, beautiful fragrance if I remember rightly, did you wear this one?  

You must remember Avon's Pretty Peach (those of a certain age obviously)  yummy.

Lovely memories and you can still find these!



  1. Gosh! Aqua Manda - and Aqua Citra (lemony scents!) - I felt SO grown up and trendy when I wore those scents. A blast from the past!!

  2. Sorry - I forgot to say - I'm your Christmas cracker swap partner. I can't see a way to email you...Do you want to email me and I can then reply. Looking forward to finding lots of wee goodies for you!

  3. Yardly was the rage...Picadilly Circus ....Twiggy! xo

  4. Oh my gosh, all the girls in junior high wore the musk oil. I love the scent. Yes, I love the smell of old, especially old books. I smelled a candle the other day, and it smelled of something from my past, but couldn't remember what it was. Avon's pretty peach sounds nice.

    What a lovely post today.



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