Thursday, 17 December 2015

Creative Wrapping (revisited)

This is part of a post I did way back in 2010!!  Worth a re-visit so near to Christmas!

OK we'll start this section with simple (and cheaper than cheap) paper and string.  The paper could be brown parcel paper, pages from a book,  or you can even print your own from your computer, i'll cover that bit later.  String can be normal packing string, strong sewing thread, ribbons and paper.  Nothing has to be fancy or expensive, in the past i've gone into very well known stores and bought reams of classy looking paper and reels of beautiful ribbons, and I agree that there are some gorgeous products out there, but at the end of the day if you wrap a gift badly the paper you use is immaterial!

Lets start with the cheapest option of all - pages from a book and everyday string -  it can look incredibly classy, need convincing?  Well here goes.

Take a look at some I made earlier (lol), these are just pages from an atlas, that have been scanned, saved on my computer and then printed.  Or you could just tear out the page you want!  Only if the book is really not one you want to keep of course!  Scanning maps, text or pictures from books means that you can keep these forever and use again and again. 

The downside is that your "sheets" may only be A4 size so only suitable for small presents, jewellery, Ipods, smart phones, key rings, small books can of course get a library or other outlet to print much larger sheets, its up to you! If you're familiar with photoshop or various FREE online photo editing sites, you can mess around with images to your hearts content, there really is no limit to what you can do! 

Some ideas for you - the front cover of the classic "Clockwork Orange" paperback, possibly good for edgy young bookworms!  Know anyone who loves tattoo's?  I have a tattoo book and this amazing image was in it - looks really quite beautiful all wrapped up!  The sky really is the limit to what you can scan. 

Recipe pages for cooks, keep fit pages for your beautiful slim friends (sigh), scan art books for art lovers, LP covers for music lovers, even a page from the bible (or similar) for those who love tradition at Christmas - the list just goes on and on!
Just take a look at what can be achieved (the scanned sheets and then the wraps) and let your creative side run riot!


and after....


If you want something even more personal just go to WORD and type out lines and lines of text - someone's name, funny, lovey dovey, naughty (!) or a seasonal sentiment, then just print off, and don't forget to save your masterpieces, here are a couple of ideas:

How about going a bit up market but still inexpensive?
Tissue paper comes in all sorts of colours and some designs can be quite beautiful. For the purposes of this post i'm using just plain colours.  I'm also going to show you how to fold your paper to make your gift look stunning!

To fold - take either a strip of tissue or the whole main paper and start to make folds (like a concertina), you can have as many as you like but I think 3 or 4 look really impressive!

Turn the paper over and use some invisible tape to secure the back, this will prevent it falling all over the place when you move it!

Like this...
If you have used the main wrapping paper (and not a strip) just turn the paper right side down and put the gift inside, then wrap as normal trying to keep the folds neat as you go...

There you have the finished parcel. If you've done a strip then wrap the gift as normal and place the strip along one side, keeping the folds neatly together (yes it is faffy but its worth the effort!), secure firmly round the back of the gift using "invisible" tape if possible. 

Now the fun bit!  Embellish to your hearts content - here are a few ideas for you to try!

You can have many strips and folds, but less is more I think!
You can really can go to town with these folds - also this is lovely for wedding and baby gifts - especially when the papers are pastel coloured.

Hope this has given you some inspiration for those last minute gifts! xx


  1. Toooo beautiful to open! 💜

  2. Oooo, such pretty wrapping, and those three red roses add a special touch. I really like that one. The purple one is very nice also.

    Sending you love and joy at Christmastime. Thank you for your friendship in blog land.


  3. As you will have seen wrapping is not my forte! These are beautiful!! I used to take lots of time over it, but now I just ram some paper around the gift and use lots of sticky tape!


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