Sunday, 6 December 2015

Simple Christmas flip card - 1st attempt

Hello lovelies, I've been fascinated by some wonderful craft ladies on You Tube of late, watching them put together mini albums, flip cards and so on.  So I thought I would have a go at one, using two old Christmas cards, sample paper from Ebay (99p for 10 sheets!!), and glue.  It was just a case of sticking the two cards together, covering with paper and making a couple of pockets for a small card or two.  I cannot imagine the time and effort of making a full size album - so total admiration for anyone who does!  Look at this link to see what I mean :)

In the meantime here is my 'effort'.


  1. Love this! Wow, the detail is mine numbing forsure, I love your start! Now a page at a time, and yours will be amazing! xoDebi

  2. Lovely! Lovely! I have some "old fashioned" paper like this, with the pictures in small format, which I have been struggling to know how to use. It's too detailed & "busy" for background paper but too small for a main focus...If I cut each picture out I could use it for a simpler mini Christmas card version of this...For next year though! No time for making cards this year!! Your cracker (except it's not a cracker - sorry!) is in the post.

  3. I made one of these yesterday and am quite pleased with how it turned out. ( Thanks for the idea!


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