Saturday, 12 December 2015

The 'nearly' Christmas Cracker swap

I'm still doing a few swaps here and there when I come across some good ones. I recently did a Christmas Cracker swap with Alison over at

Had a bit of a struggle trying to get various items inside a kitchen towel roll so had to just send a packet instead, but still looking festive of course!

I received some really lovely items from Alison, take a look :

Angel decoration, soapstone pot, pen, washi tape, heart keyring, Eiffel Tower pendant and cupcake holders.

Roald Dahl card kit

Chocolates (there were more but unfortunately Santa's little helpers have helped themselves ...)

Genuine 1920's newspaper!

Festive card

Delicate little star



  1. Wow! Clever swap indeed! Love all especially the 20's paper! xoDebi

  2. Glad you enjoyed the swap. You do have to get quite inventive when trying go to fit everything inside the tube!!

  3. Lindt chocolate is the best, isn't it? I get it for my son every Christmas. Love the Eiffel Tower pendant too.

    Did I tell you how much I liked your Christmas Header? It's one of my favorites out there, so simple and cute.



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